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xiii · Nobodies

An RP community

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Xiii Nobodies Community Rules.

1. Respect.

    i. Outside the Role Playing, there is to be no flaming, bitching, trolling, anything you can think of!  Everyone is here for a good time, and if you don't like someone for whatever appropriate reason, contact one of the Mods and we will handle it as best we can.
    ii. Planing on leaving?  Going on Hiatus?  Let us know!
    iii. LJ Cuts please!  If it is longer than a paragraph.
2. Role Playing.
    i.  No killing.  Unless the Alias of the Character gives the okay.  Even then, please contact the Mods and let us know. =)
    ii. Please, please, please know your Character.  If you post something about Cloud throwing Leon a surprise birthday party in a pink dress your post will be deleted and one of the Mods will be contacting you.  Stay in Character!
    iii. Everyone makes grammar and spelling mistakes, including me!  But please no l33t typing skills here!
    iiii. Pairings? Canon? Fandom? Yes, yes and yes.  Within reason.
    iiiii. No mary-sues. None whatsoever.  No exceptions.

3.  Fighting.

    i. If you know your Character you will know what their fighting style is.  If you challenge someone to a fight, going "BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD" isn't the way to go about it.  Fights will take up lots of posts and be reasonable!

Breaking any of these rules will result in either a warning or an automatic ban.  Warnings will probably be given at first but after 3 warnings you will be suspended or given a life-ban depending on which rule broken.
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